ARCHIVES d’Alexeï ARKHANGELSKI (1872-1959)

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ARCHIVES d’Alexeï ARKHANGELSKI (1872-1959)
ARCHIVE of Alexei ARKHANGELSKI (1872-1959) ARKHANGELSKI Alexander (1911-1976) - Collection of directives and orders of the White Army for the year 1919: 1)Announcement of the mobilization of students 2) Order №82 concerning the mobilization of doctors 3) Order №390 for the appointment of Colonel Firsoff as head of the 1st Kubansky Regiment 4) Order №3114 to the first regiment of the Army 5) Order №75 concerning mobilization. Different formats, in the state. We attach: engraving, portrait of Frederick of Prussia, 62 х 46 cm (in the state); engraving, portrait of Colonel Totleben, 36 х 27 cm, then an engraving, portrait of General Liprandi, 36 х 27 cm (in the state). Map of the shores of the Azov Sea in German, 55,5 х 66 cm (in the state), engraved map of the Russian Empire, 56 х 77 cm (B.E.). - Archive of maps and diagrams: 1)Diagrams of Bolshevik forces in Russia at the end of 1919. Handwritten notes, stamp "May 10, 1920", 72 х 91 cm. 2) Map of the territories between the Baltic States and Smolensk. Copy on rotaprint, handwritten notices, 73 х 91 cm. 3) Three maps of the territories on the Black Sea coast. 23 х 36 cm and 29,5 х 24 cm. 4) Map of territories on the Mediterranean Sea, 43 х 54 cm. 5) Two fragments of maps (Petrozavodsk), copy on rotaprint, handwritten notices, 75 х 25,5 cm. 6) Map of territories around the Sea of Azov and Black Sea, in French, copy on rotaprint, handwritten notices 68 х 84 cm. 7) Two maps of the territories of Romania, 65 х 97 cm and 75 х 80 cm. 8)Map of the USSR, 1960s, in colors, 83 х 115 cm, two small study maps 9) Maps of the territories around the Azov Sea, 98 х 116 cm. - Documents of a private character that belonged to the Arkhangelski family (carbon copy from the birth book for the birth of Alexander Arkhangelski, its official translation into French; 9 sheets of donations on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the death of General Vrangel №65-74 signed by General Geroua ; program of the show in the Bolshoi Theater on the occasion of the hundred years of the Volinsky regiment 1806-1906; 4 telegrams addressed to General Arkhangelsky; Brochure "Message №20" on the occasion of the death of Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich, in-4; various loose sheets of the ROVS and greeting cards, 6 pieces, various sizes; private correspondence, 1918. 4 letters torn and pasted back together; text of a prayer, 6 pp., handwritten, 21 х 14 cm. - Musical score "The Prayer for Russia" (dedicated to the leader of the white fighters, General Alexei Arkhangelsky), lyrics by Feodor Shubin, music by S.Vasiliev, Germany, 1948. Manuscript, 3 ½ pp., 32 х 24 cm. - Loose leaflet in German calling for Russian volunteers to join the German Army. Folding format, 46 х 30 cm. Rare; leaflet in French "Moscow attacks!", with 12 illustrations. We enclose: a Russian flag. Cloth, 93 х 135 cm (as is). - Collection of cartoons "Who leads the Russian people and how" about the role of the Jews in the Russian revolution. 29 pieces, 15,5 х 10,5 cm; various propaganda cards (CVR, ROVS) and greeting card for regimental holidays, 24 pieces, various formats. АРХИВ Алексея АРХАНГЕЛЬСКОГО (1872-1959) АРХАНГЕЛЬСКИЙ Александр (1911-1976) - Подборка приказов Добровольческой Армии за 1919 г.: 1)Объявление о мобилизации учащихся 2) Приказ №82 о мобилизации врачей 3) Приказ №390 о назначении полковника Фирсова начальником 1й Кубанской пластунской бригады 4) Приказ №3114 1му Армейскому Корпусу 5) Приказ №75 о мобилизации. Разного размера, в сост. Прилагаем: гравюру портрет Фридриха Вильгельма Прусского, 62 х 46 см. (в сост.), гравюра портрет полковника Тотлебена, 36 х 27 см. и гравюра портрет генерала Липранди, 36 х 27 см. (в сост.) Карта берегов Азовского моря на немецком, 55.5 х 66 см. (в сост.), гравированная карта Российской Империи, 56 х 77 см. (хор.сост.) - Подборка карт: 1)Схема расположения большевистских сил в России концу 1919 г.
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