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[FIRST WORLD WAR] [RUSSIAN EXPEDITIONARY CORPS IN FRANCE] ARCHIVES of Russian Expeditionary Corps non-commissioned officer Eugène Shavirov. - Diary of Eugene Shavirov. Notebook, 17 x 10 cm (cloth binding as is, mildew, clean interior). Notes cover the period from mobilization in 1916 to May 5, 1918. The diary begins with the sentence "In case of death, please inform (...)" and the addresses of the soldier's relatives and acquaintances. Eugene Shavirov was drafted into the Imperial Army on August 25, 1916. On December 8, 1916, he volunteered for one of the Expeditionary Corps troops to be sent to France. He goes on to describe all his division's movements, the sea crossing from Arkhangelsk across the White Sea to the Atlantic and its difficulties, the arrival at Brest and the division's movements in France. The brigade reaches the Mediterranean Sea. Aboard the ship "Admiral Chikhachev", together with other units, it went to the island of Bizerte, then to Soloniki in Greece. "On the night of October 7, intelligence was received on the presence of enemy submarines, and transport was carried out in fits and starts, then quickly, then calmly (...)". Short notes are interspersed with more detailed notes on care received at the Red Cross hospital in Soloniki, then in France, and on news from Russia. "The news from Russia is getting worse and worse, we read in a Russian newspaper published in Paris: 'The Russian soldier is a citizen'. Petrograd and Moscow are in the power of the Bolsheviks." In his diary, E. Shavirov recounts in detail the conversations of Russian soldiers in hospital, their worries, and then the atmosphere of instability of the general situation. Enclosed: E. Shavirov's personal correspondence. LAS, typescript letters, notes, years 1917-1918. In Russian and French, 25 pp. in various formats. - Copy of E. Shavirov's certificate of service regarding his activities prior to mobilization and conscription, with official stamp and signature of Lieutenant-Colonel Yedlicki, June 15, 1917, 1 ½ p., 22 x 18 cm. Certificate of service and movements of E. Shavirov, January 1, 1918, 1 p., 12.5 x 18.5 cm; service records of non-commissioned officer E. Shavirov, typescript copy, 3 pp., 31 x 20 cm; certificate no. 6906, typescript copy, 3 ½ pp., 31 x 20 cm. Collection of official documents, extracts, certificates and orders from the Red Cross hospital, divisional management, etc. In Russian and French, typescript, handwritten, 1917-1918, 25 pp. various formats. - A selection of photographs of the 2nd Russian Special Artillery Brigade as part of the Allied forces on the Macedonian front, then in France. Silver and sepia prints from the period, various formats (from 60 x 85 mm to 135 x 180 mm). 50 photographs in all, most annotated on the back in E. Shavirov's hand. Group photos, officer photos, maneuvers, funerals of Russian soldiers, hospital photos, etc. We enclose: 39 postcards with views of France, some signed to E. Shavirov. - Calendar for 1917, as is; brochure "The Icon of the Virgin of Vladimir", 16 pp. publisher's binding, in-18, as is; Saint Sophia in the Far East, 1907-1912, ed.Skoblin, Harbin, 1912. 48 pp. publisher's binding, in-12, as is; New Testament. Ed. by Countess Anne Golitzin, Bern, 1916. 183 pp. publisher's binding (as is, mold), in-18; TOUROVEROFF N. Les lois de l'Armée du Don. Ed.l'Union des Cosaques, Paris, 1952. 48 pp. publisher's binding, in-18. [ПЕРВАЯ МИРОВАЯ ВОЙНА] [РУССКИЙ ЭКСПЕДИЦИОННЫЙ КОРПУС] АРХИВ младшего унтер-офицера Русского Экспедиционного корпуса Евгения Шавирова. - Личный дневник Евгения Шавирова. Записная книжка, 17 х 10 см. (тканевый переплет в состоянии, плесень. Блок чистый). Записи с момента мобилизации в 1916 г. до 5 мая 1918 г. Дневник начинается фразой "В случае смерти п
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