We could have classified this speciality as an objet d'art, as this field has produced some fabulous examples, but that's precisely why we've set it apart, because an object by master goldsmith Karl Fabergé is more than just an objet d'art, it's a work of art. For our customers, we are looking for goldsmiths' and silversmiths' wares fashioned by renowned masters such as Fabergé, known for his creations of refined decorative objects: eggs, flowers, jewellery, figurines, frames, clocks, boxes, or Khlebnikov, known for his mastery of gold, Ovtchinnikov, official supplier to the imperial court, or Roukhomovsky, creator of the famous Saïtapharnès tiara.

There was also a veritable craze for silver and vermeil objects decorated with polychrome cloisonné enamels, such as spoons, forks, knives, mirrors, kovsh, kettledrums, tumblers, tumblers, etc.