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[Russian Cadet High School in Sarajevo] ARCHIVE... - Lot 4 - Cazo
[Russian Cadet High School in Sarajevo] ARCHIVE of Alexei ARKHANGELSKI (1872-1959) ARKHANGELSKI Alexander (1911-1976) ADAMOVICH Boris (1870-1936), lieutenant-general. Director of the Russian Cadet High School in Sarajevo between 1920 and 1936. - Private correspondence of General A.Arkhangelski with his son Alexander. Including: LAS of General A.Arkhangelski and CAS of Sofia Arkhangelski (13 pieces) addressed to their son Alexander during his studies at the Russian Cadet High School in Sarajevo, 312 pp., 1922-1924. LAS and CAS (11 pieces) of Alexander Arkhangelsky addressed to his parents, 149 pp., 1922-1924. List of A.Arkhangelski's exam results at the Russian Cadet High School, the opinions of his teachers, copies of General A.Arkhangelski's replies to the teachers' letters, 73 pp., various formats, 1922-1924. Unique correspondence of a private nature. At the beginning of his exile, the Arkhangelski family settled in Belgrade, then in Sremski Karlovci (Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes). Young Alexander was sent to the first military high school founded by the Union of Russian Veterans (ROVS) in Sarajevo. This was a unique place where one could study in a school accepted by the kingdom and at the same time get a Russian military education. The parents wrote to the boarding school almost every day to get news of their "Shourik" who was just eleven years old. - Private documents of Alexander Arkhangelsky: a short biography (5 copies, 5 pp.); certificate of completion of studies (7 classes) at the Russian Cadet High School in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, 1927. In Russian and French, 3 pp. in-folio; certificate of completion of examinations at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, 1933, in-folio; subject card, 1937. - CAS of Lieutenant-General Boris Adamovich, addressed to General A.Arkhangelski, 9 pieces, 1927-1933. Congratulations on the occasion of the holidays. Typed letter signed from General B.Adamovich to General A.Arkhangelski, 1 р., in-4, March 12/25, 1935. Concerning the foundation of the museum of the Russian Cadet High School in Sarajevo. Notes with the description of the museum, 3 pp., typescript with autograph corrections. September 1, 1932, folio. Copy of a reply from General A. Arkhangelsky to General B. Adamovich, 2 pp. in-4, 22/10/1932. - Three notebooks of lessons at the Russian Cadet High School, which belonged to Alexander Arkhangelsky. Typed copies of the history classes. Three photographs of colleagues of the Lyceum. - KARATEEV Michel (1904-1978). "Seimenski Kalpazan", first part, Brussels, 1933. Typescript copy of a short story, with autograph corrections, dedicated to Alexander Arkhangelsky, 1934. Brussels, 67 pp. in-4. This work of the author has never been officially published and remains unlisted. Michel Karateev - Russian historian and writer, author of several historical novels. He was a member of the same class at the Russian Cadet High School as Alexander Arkhangelsky, and then he studied in Leuven. [Русский Кадетский Корпус в Сараево] АРХИВ Алексея АРХАНГЕЛЬСКОГО (1872-1959) АРХАНГЕЛЬСКИЙ Александр (1911-1976) АДАМОВИЧ Борис (1870-1936), генерал-лейтенант. Директор Русского Кадетского Корпуса в Сараево с по 1936 гг. - Личная переписка генерала А.П.Архангельского с его сыном Александром. Включает письма-автографы ген. А.П.Архангельского и карточки-автографы (13 шт.) от Софьи Архангельской и А.П.Архангельского к сыну Александру в период его пребывания в Кадетском корпусе в Сараево, 312 стр., 1922-1924. Письма-автографы и карточки-автографы (11 шт.)Александра Архангельского к родителям, 149 стр, 1922-1924. Списки оценок А.Архангельского в Кадетском корпусе, отзывы на него различных руководителей, копии ответов ген. А.П.Архангельского, 73 стр., разного формата, 1922-1924 гг. Переписки крайне доверительного теплого характера в период начала эмиграции. Семья Архангельских осваивается в Белграде и Сремских Карловцах, тем временем сын Александр направлен
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