The aucton house

Located in the 7ᵉ arrondissement of Paris, right next to the Eiffel Tower, the Cazo study, the first auction house specialising in Russian Art occupies a predestined geographical position as it is located between the Alexandre III bridge, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity of Paris, inspired by Moscow's Cathedral of the Dormition, the oldest (1475), largest and most imposing church in the Kremlin, built to the plans of the famous architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, and the Franco-Russian street created in 1911, probably in memory of the Franco-Russian alliance signed in 1893 by Alexander III, father of Nicolas II.

So it couldn't get any better!

The international context has strengthened the legitimacy of our sales, since they allow us to recall the history of Russia through its arts, and to better understand, thanks to the historical documents and archives that we are discovering, what constitutes the real soul of this country. We won't mix and match, but we'll take care to safeguard the history of this civilisation so that only the best is retained.

Our auctions focus on literature, painting, sculpture, historical memorabilia from the imperial family, photographs, silverware, military decorations, icons, ceramics and many other marvellous items, particularly relating to Russian emigration in the early 20th century.

An auctioneer for more than fifteen years, Wilfrid Cazo set up his own sales company in 2009, and strives not only to take care of the objects entrusted to him by showcasing them at auction and assisting sellers throughout the process, but also to find new buyers by promoting the benefits of auctions.

He is at your disposal for any request for an estimate, inventory or sale of your paintings, jewellery, sculptures, porcelain and other antique or modern furniture.

We offer a personalised appraisal and specialised sales service. In the event of a request for an inventory from a Russian or non-Russian family, we can help you to carry out the inventory itself, but also to communicate with the family if required. The fact that we are specialists also means that we have a much more complete knowledge of the objects and other documents, particularly in Russian, than a more generalist auction house.

This means better sales results.