ARCHIVE of Alexei ARKHANGELSKI (1872-1959) MILLER... - Lot 20 - Cazo

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ARCHIVE of Alexei ARKHANGELSKI (1872-1959) MILLER... - Lot 20 - Cazo
ARCHIVE of Alexei ARKHANGELSKI (1872-1959) MILLER Eugene (1867-1939), lieutenant-general GEROUA Alexander (1870-1944), lieutenant-general KOUSHAKEVITCH Alexandre (1865-1932), lieutenant-general - LAS addressed to General A.Arkhangelski by the Сomité of the Russian Red Cross in Belgium, by the magazine "L'Affaire blanche", by the widow of General V.Soukhanin, by General E.Miller etc., 20 pp, different formats, 1924-1926, 1933, 1953; telegrams addressed to the leibgarde of the Volinski regiment on the occasion of the regiment's feast day, by General E.Miller, General A.Geroua, the leibgarde of the Kekgsgelmanski regiment, 3 pp, 1936; various documents concerning the Union of leibgarde of the Volinsky regiment (copy of a report of the trial of Colonel Zakolsky, manuscript of the minutes of the meeting of 15/12/1936, manuscript of General A.Koushakevich concerning the museum of leibgarde), 15 pp. in total, different formats; copies of telegrams and letters, LAS of General A.Arkhangelsky, 12 pp, various formats, 1927-1951; typed copy of a report of the financial commission of the Russian transport company under the direction of V.Kokovtsev. Addressed to I.Polyakov, 23 ½ pp. in-4. - Typescripts with autograph corrections of the articles "The situation of the ROVS at the beginning of the War and its hopes," "The state of an Italian worker," "The path of our national revival," "Ten years of the revolution in Portugal," 44 pp., in-4, 1950s; "The speech of engineer A.Abragemson at the meeting of the railroads, November 15, 1923", typescript, 2 pp. "Skobliniana", typescript with autograph corrections on the events of the Cossacks in Bulgaria. 3 pp. Handwritten text of an article about a trip of three French women to the USSR. Text in French for the American press, 1951. 10 pp. in-4. - Information sheets, appeals, reports, data brought by foreigners about their trip to the USSR (the Gallipoli Union in Belgium, the Leibgard unions, the Union of Staff Officers, Russian organizations in New York, the Union of the Russian Army in Exile, the Union of War Invalids, ROVS, etc.), about 250 pp. in different formats, 1930-1956. We enclose: the magazine "The Call" 1937. № 3, 5, 7. - Information sheets of the General Union of Russian Veterans (ROVS), texts of speeches by General Dragomirov, official orders, the Union of Russian Liberation regarding the conflict between Italy and Abyssinia, various information materials. About 140 pp. in different formats, 1935-1949; newsletters "The Spy Messenger", ROVS in Brazil, ROVS in Morocco, the Circle of Amateurs of Military History, news of the counter-Soviet struggle in Canada etc. 178 pp. in different formats, 1950s. АРХИВ Алексея АРХАНГЕЛЬСКОГО (1872-1959) МИЛЛЕР Евгений (1867-1939), генерал-лейтенант ГЕРУА Александр (1870-1944), генерал-лейтенант КУШАКЕВИЧ Александр (1865-1932), генерал-лейтенант - Письма-автографы адресованные генералу А.Архангельскому от Комитета красного креста в Бельгии, журнала "Белое дело", вдовы генерала В.Суханина, ген. Е.К.Милера и др.. 20 стр., разного формата, 1924-1926 г., 1933 г., 1953 г.; почто-граммы поздравления к Объединению Лейб-гвардии Волынского полка от ген.Е.Милера, ген. Геруа, Л.-Гв. Кексгельманского полка, 3 стр., 1936 г.; различные документы относительно Объединения Л.-Гв. Волынского полка (копия отчета суда чести над полковником Закольским, рукопись протокола общего собрания 15/12/1936, рукопись ген.Кушакевича относительно приема предметов в музей в 1936 г.), всего 15 стр., разного формата; копии телеграмм и писем, письма-автографы ген.А.Архангельского, 12 стр., разного формата, 1927-1951 гг.; Отчет финансовой комиссии транспортного комитета под председательством В.Н. Коковцева. Машинописная копия, адресована И.Л.Полякову. 23 ½ стр., 31 х 21 см. "К числу таких принципиальных предпосылок
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