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ORGANIZATIONS OF RUSSIAN CADETS IN EXILE Important archive on the life and work of the organizations of former Russian cadets in exile. 1920-1990. - Books: 1) The Russian Cadet High School. First collection of the literary circle of the Grand Duke Constantine's cadets. Sarajevo, 1924. 44 pp. missing cover, in-8, very rare. 2) The Russian Cadet High School 1920-1925. Second collection of the cadets of Grand Duke Constantine, Sarajevo, 1925. 81 pp. in publisher's binding, in-8. 3) First high school of Russian cadets. Third collection, the charter of the cadets of Grand Duke Constantine. The White Church, 1930. 31 pp. publisher's binding, in-8, as is. 4) ADAMOVITCH B. The Museum Inventory. The White Church, 1933. 211 pp. in publisher's binding, in-8, as is. 5) First High School of Russian Cadets. Fifth collection, in memory of B. Adamovich. 49 pp. in publisher's binding, in-8. 6) Historical collection of the high school, Varna, 1924, by A.Kurbatov. 12 pp. in publisher's binding, in-8. Dedicated to general A.Arkhangelski. We enclose a festive program. 7) Grand Duke Constantine's Cadet High School. The training manual, written by the director of the school in 1907. Ed. of 1931. 38 pp. in a posterior binding, in-12. 8) ISHEVSKY Georges, "L'Honneur", poetic collection. Paris. 327 pp. in publisher's binding, in-12, edition 200 copies. B.E. 9) BELSKY V. On my native high school. San-Francisco, 1971. 194 pp. in publisher's binding, in-8. 10) YAGELLO V. The cadets of the Grand Duke Constantine. Paris, 1963. №3. 11) Collection of memories of former students of the Poltava Cadet High School. Paris, 1968. 226 pp., in-4. 12) Magazine "The voice of the province cadets, №1 February 1951. Then №28 to №36 for the period 1956-1957. 13) The magazine "The Messenger of the Cadets of Russia", appearances for the years 1958-1970. 170 appearances (some are in duplicate). 14) Information bulletin, Caracas. 1981-1989, 20 issues in total (out of 26). 15) Bulletin of the Russian cadet unions in San-Francisco, 1990-1992. Issues from №25 to №32 and №35. 16) PEREPELOVSKY K. The Kiev military high school of Grand Duke Constantine, ed. of the military high school, №9, 1965. - Rare brochure "For 200 years of the creation of the cadet high school by Empress Anna Ioanovna", ed. La Sentinelle, Paris, 1931. 2 ex. in the state. ; invitations and menus of the evenings organized by the cadet unions, 18 pieces; information sheet №8 of the union of officers of the XVIII regiment of the Russian Army, 1934; sheets and notices; magazine "L'Appel", 1937, in the state; letterheads "La Renaissance"; letterheads of the magazine "La Sentinelle"; LAS and copies of photographs sent by A.Morozov to B.Kriloff. We enclose 6 photographs (between 135 х 90 mm and 120 х 175 mm, then 7 photographs of the large format (the views of Russian cities, Russian students before the Revolution). 2 representative photographs of cadets of the military high school of Voronez. - Cadets. Review of the high school of cadets of Nicholas I of Moscow. Issues №1, 3, 4, from 6 to 12. 1948-1950; draft of coats of arms of cadet high schools. By A.P.Tikhmenev. Gouache and pencils on paper. 36 х 36 cm; "The Cadet", news magazine of the Union of Russian Cadet Lyceums. Issues №2 and 3 for 1957; Soumsky High School, 1900-1950. Historical review of the high school, 1955; "The Cadet Letter". Edition of the Union of Cadets in Argentina, №15, 1959; "A Cadet's Hobbies," ed. of the 3rd Moscow Cadet High School. №2, 1953; "The leisure of a cadet from Pskov", ed. of the Union of Russian Cadet High Schools, №1, 1957; "The Messenger of the Cadet Union". Releases №2,3,6,23, from 26 to 38, 40 and 41 for 1951-1959. Then №165,166,167,169,172,174 and 175 for 1971-1974; "The Cadet Appeal" magazine, the journal of the High School Cadet Union Abroad, New York. Issues №1-46, 1971-1989; Russian Military Corps Officers' Newsletter. New-York, №72, 1968. A doll "The cadet". Magazine "Collection of military poetry", Paris, publication.
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