[GALLIPOLI] SPIZHAKOV Andrei (1881 - ?),... - Lot 122 - Cazo

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[GALLIPOLI] SPIZHAKOV Andrei (1881 - ?),... - Lot 122 - Cazo
[GALLIPOLI] SPIZHAKOV Andrei (1881 - ?), Colonel DITLOV Kondratiï KOUTEPOV Alexander (1882-1930), general - Autograph SOLJENITSYNE Alexander (1918-2008) - Autograph - Archives "Russian Corps in the city of Gallipoli". 1920-1921. Unique collection of memoirs. Written by Colonel Andrei Spizhakov on June 10, 1921 on the island of Gallipoli. Typescript with autograph corrections. Recollections concerning General L.G. Kornilov, the White Army, the landing on the island of Gallipoli and the subsequent organization of army life in the Gallipoli camps. 50 pp. in folio (collected and filed in a folder, folder as is, inner pages clean). Along with the text, the folder contains: biographical data on the generals, manuscripts; a commemorative inscription - autograph to the 1st Army Corps by General A.P. Kutepov; a photograph with a dedication by General V.K. Vitkovsky). The text is accompanied by photographs of officers, groups of soldiers in Gallipoli and views of tented camps and activities on the island. Among those pictured: General Staff and Major General Shteifon, General Vitkovsky, General Koutepov, Father Antoine, various officers. 36 photographs in all, 140 x 90 mm. Handwritten charts, illustrations in colored pencil, pastels and watercolors. 15 illustrations in total, various formats. In his memoirs, the author recounts in detail the arrival of the 1st Army Corps at Gallipoli, the first encounter with harsh reality and hardship. The author describes camp and army life, detailing all the important aspects of the corps' existence in Gallipoli: food, supplies, allowances, the technical part, the artillery part, the role of the clergy in corps life, medical care, classes and education, American Red Cross activities and the activities of social organizations. - "Towards rebirth. Life of the Russian Corps at Gallipoli (November 1920-May 1921)", essay by K.A.Ditlov. Typescript with handwritten elements and drawings by the author in the text. Labeled "Property of the magazine ''Disciple your sadness in an empty field". 28 pp, in-4, presented in a cardboard folder, with a signed watercolor "A.Shelautov 21 the city Gallipoli" pasted on the cover, in-4. The text is accompanied by watercolor views of Gallipoli and military camps, caricatures signed by V. Zelinsky, N. Mihonsky, Vika, Eolovechenko and others. The author presents recollections of the first year of his stay on the island of Gallipoli, the main events, speculations on the endurance of the Russian army and talks about the attitude of foreigners. The essay is accompanied by a LAS from Alexander Solzhenitsyn in English. The famous writer thanks him for having received this work from a Russian émigré. 06/27/1985, 1 p., in-8. The documents were probably sent to him for an "expert opinion" on their importance. - We enclose: "La Boussole", issue №4. January 1, 1922, monthly magazine of the 1st Sofia scout troop. As is (cover torn, pages disintegrated); The Image of the Russian Army. 1683-1917. Edition illustrated with portraits. [ГАЛЛИПОЛИ] СПИЖАКОВ Андрей (1881 - ?), полковник ДИТЛОВ Кондратий КУТЕПОВ Александр (1882-1930), генерал - Автограф СОЛЖЕНИЦЫН Александр (1918-2008) - Автограф Уникальное свидетельство жизни Русской Арми на острове Галлиполи. - Архив "Русский корпус в городе Галлиполи". 1920-1921 гг. Уникальный сборник воспоминаний. Написан полковником Андреем Спижаковым 10 июня 1921 года на острове Галлиполи. Объемный текст машинопись с рукописными исправлениями и объемными вставками. Воспоминания о генерале Л.Г.Корнилове, Добровольческой Армии, высадке на острове Галлиполи и дальнейшему устройству жизни армии в галлиполийских лгалерях. 50 стр., 36 х 23 см. (собраны и подшиты в папку, папка в состоянии, внутренние стра
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